About Breezy Pines

Breezy Pines is locally owned and operated. Our goal each day is to provide a clean, well maintained, quiet and safe community you can be proud to call home. Looking to downsize or for a place in the North Woods? We offer very affordable seasonal and year round homes that could be just what you're looking for!

  • Currently approximately 70% of the residents are retired and live here either seasonally or year round.
  • Breezy Pines began in 1969. The first 20 sites were developed between 1969 & 1983.
  • The most current 22 sites were developed between 2005 thru 2012.
  • New sites are approximately 65ft x 170ft.
  • The newest sites can accommodate an attached garage and/or addition.
  • Four storage buildings offer shelter for your cars, boats and toys.
  • Crystal clear well water is pumped from deep in the ground to serve the residents.
  • Underground natural gas, electric, cable TV, and phone lines serve Breezy Pines.
  • All roads and parking areas are paved.

How affordable can living in Breezy Pines Be?
Consider this...

Approximate cost of living per month in Breezy Pines:

  • $250.00 - Covers site rent, water, sewer, garbage pickup, lawn care, and snow removal from roadways.
  • $100.00 - Utilities gas & electric. Year round monthly average.
  • $30.00 - Home owners insurance.
  • $40.00 - Home owners tax. Based on $50,000 home value.
  • $420.00 per month total
    +$15.00 per month maintenance fee with a washer.

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